Czech Republic

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) :: see: 

- meteorology and climatology (about 40 % of staff)

- hydrology (about 18 % of staff)

- air quality protection (about 12 % of staff)

and two other departments: Computer and telecommunication services, Administration and Finance (about 30 % of staff).

Training level of the staff:

- university degree (36 %),

- secondary school (60 %),

- primary school (4 %). 

The Head Office and centralized workplaces, including the data processing, telecommunication and technical services are located at Prague-Komorany, remote sensing measurement and processing (aerology, satellite, radar information) and atmospheric quality laboratory at Prague-Libus, Solar and ozone observatory at Hradec Kralove and Aviation meteorological service at Prague-Ruzyne. 

Professional or voluntary meteorological, climatological, hydrological (surface water, groundwater) observation stations and automated or manual monitoring stations of the air quality information system are located all over the Czech Republic territory. 

Seven regional branch offices (Prague, Usti n.L; , Ceske Budejovice, Hradec Kralove, Plzen, Brno, Ostrava) provide services in all major activities of CHMI. 

The Institute is controlled by the Environment Ministry of the Czech Republic. 


Institute of Atmospheric Physics (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic - AS CR) :: see 

Institution with the research focused on physical processes in the Earth atmosphere. Research activities are concentrated into three departments (Dept. of Meteorology, Dept. of Climatology and Aeronomy, Dept. of Upper Atmosphere). Meteorological and ionospheric observatories (meteorological observatories Milesovka, Kopisty, Dlouha Louka and ionospheric observatories Panska Ves and Pruhonice) together with mentioned scientific departments are the main organisatory units. Information about the research domaines, scientific grants and the staff can be found at IAP Web pages 


Department of Meteorology and Environment Protection, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague :: see

Institution with the research focused on basic research in meteorology, climatology and air quality. Main studies are dealing with climate variability, climate change and its modelling in regional and local scale, climate classification, air quality and atmospheric chemistry, air quality and climate interaction, urban climate, microscale modelling of flow in the complex terrain, stratospheric circulation, ozone. 


Czech Globe, Global Change Research Centre, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Brno :: see

The CzechGlobe Centre was founded in Brno in January 2011. Its activities build on the nearly 20-year tradition of basic research on the topics of global change, the carbon cycle, and ecophysiology of production processes in plants carried out since the early 1990s at the Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology as part of the EU’s framework programmes. A major new activity at the CzechGlobe Centre is a project of the Operational Programme: Research and Development for Innovations known as CzechGlobe – Centre for the Study of Global Climate Change Impacts, the aim of which is to develop research infrastructure enabling comprehensive research on the issue of global change. This research infrastructure is financed primarily by funds from the European Union. Research programmes are implemented by research teams cooperating with leading experts from scientific and educational institutions all over the world.

Using the most modern techniques and instrumentation, research is carried out in three main segments affected by global change, namely the ATMOSPHERE – climate evolution and its modelling; ECOSYSTEMS – the carbon cycle, impacts of global change on biodiversity; and SOCIO-ECONOMIC SYSTEMS – impacts on the development and behaviour of society. Activities aimed at developing innovative technological processes, proposals for measures for adaptation, and educational activities are an integral part of what the CzechGlobe Centre does.

Other partial meteorological (climatological) activities are carried out in geographical and ecological instituts, Czech Bioclimatological Society, in private sector etc.

  • BS: Bachelor Studies - 3 or 4 years, designation Bc.
  • MS: Magister (Master) Studies - 5 years 

Universities and other higher schools (arts, etc.), designation Mgr.

Ing.: Engineering Studies - 5 years 
Technical Universities, Agricultural universities and other higher schools (economy,etc..), designation Ing 

  • DS: Doctorate Studies - 3 years, designation Dr (Ph.D.); 
  • MF: Medical Faculties (at Universities) - 6 years, designation MUDr.


Charles University in Prague


Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Address: Ke Karlovu 3, Prague, Czech Republic
Courses: 1

Department of Meteorology and Environment Protection

Address: V Holešovičkách 2, Praha 8, 180 00
Phone: + 420 221 912 547
Courses: 3